Weles AG’s primary investment focus is the actual value of the underlying real estate assets of each property we include in our real estate portfolio. We conduct exhaustive real estate market research and dissect income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements to identify the components of underlying net asset value. We evaluate macroeconomic trends in combination with the local microeconomic conditions; we weigh the potential for organic growth of local real estate markets and sustainability of real estate income streams. Additionally, we will perform proprietary sensitivity analyses detailing the impacts of changes in interest rates, loan-to-value and debt service coverage to assess the financial risk of our real estate investment portfolios.

Weles’ AG’s experienced real estate investment team closely evaluates and monitors our properties portfolio both subjectively and objectively. We strive to meet our objectives of steady and reliable income stream in combination to net asset value retention. As an objective measure, we compare each properties’ return relative to their peer group in order to ascertain an optimal balance between risk and opportunity with our real estate investments.